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Born in 2021, Manchester city centre açai hotspot brings the exotic berry to Deansgate, with filled açai bowls, a seasonal changing brunch selection, superfood smoothies, coffee & matcha.


A menu that is designed to be enjoyed by all, catering to all dietary requirements, including a predominately gluten free, vegan & dairy free menu. Also a menu that is highly focused on providing nutritional benefit to care for the mind & body, as well as being incredibly delicious.  

Sustainability is heavily focused on here at açai & The Tribe, which is why:

- All of our packaging is biodegradable

- We have a waste management system in place that means practically nothing goes to waste

- Our ingredients are responsibly sourced


Meet Alisha

In 2021, I set out to be the first person to make açai accessible in the heart of Manchester City.

2 weeks later Açaí & The Tribe was created. 

After turning 23 & completing a Law masters, it took me 4 years to realise that being the creative foodie I am, law wasn't for me.

Having travelled around & always having easy access to açai, it only highlighted just how inaccessible açai was in Manchester... and that whenever I came home, I couldn't get my hands on it.

Therefore, I wanted to make açai as accessible & affordable as possible, without compromising on quality. That is why here at Açai & The Tribe, we source the most premium, purest & creamiest açai, straight form the Amazon Jungle.


It is fair to say I achieved what I set out to do, with hundreds of bowls leaving the shop week on week. Starting off as a small market stall, a year later we have moved into our own space in the heart of Manchester, with the best team & customers I could have only dreamt for.

P.S. - my go to açai bowl is our classic bowl, with added chopped dates & hazelnut butter - Always.

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